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    Residente (Calle 13)

    Rapper, Composer, Produzent und Aktivist RESIDENTE (René Pérez) ist ein Superstar der alternativen lateinamerikanischen Musikszene. Der Gründer der vielfach prämierten Calle 13 veröffentlicht am 31.03.2017 das mit Spannung erwartete erste Soloalbum (Sony). Das spektakuläre Video seiner ersten Single «somos anormales» erfreute sich innerhalb des ersten Monats nach Veröffentlichung 4 Millionen views.

    What is Residente

    These are not rules, we don’t believe in them. These are the beliefs that we aspire to.

    We believe that art should constantly reinvent itself. When art becomes popular it must be abandoned, before it becomes an obstacle for the creation of new art.

    We believe that concepts are the souls of artistic ideas. It is vital for the concept behind each work to be defined before any creative endeavour begins.

    We believe that artists should document their creative process. Artistic growth can only come from self-reflection and analysis of one's artistic record.
    We believe that artists are a reflection of their environment. Art does not exist in a vacuum, it must express itself in relation to the social circumstances that surround it.

    We believe that artists should take risks and defend them through honesty. No criticism can threaten or deter an honest, radical, artistic stance.

    We believe that social art goes hand in hand with social militancy. Artists have the responsibility to speak out through their work, artists have to power to effect social change.

    We believe in conceptual art that is accessible. Art must be ambitious but not pretentious, it must reach as large an audience as it possibly can.

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